An examination of the culture behind the MLPFiM fandom

Dent, S. (Speaker). (2011, June 27). Presenting My Little Pony at the Dot Conf [Video file and slideshow]. Retrieved from


Ms. Dent opens her presentation by examining the effects that other corporations’ efforts to control their brand image through lawsuits had on the internet’s opinion of those corporations. This leads into her lesson one: “The internet hates lawyers.” She then goes on to describe what happened to create the older fanbase for MLPFiM, from 4chan to all the fanworks (lesson two: “You do not control your brand.”) before discussing Hasbro’s reaction to that fanbase. Hasbro seems to have decided to not just ignore but actively embrace the extended fanbase and their creations even to the point of creating their own parodies, such as the “Equestria Girls” video Ms. Dent played at the end of the presentation.


The marketing standpoint is an interesting one; however, it is difficult to know how well Hasbro’s apparent strategy is working from their perspective without seeing more specific sales numbers than Hasbro is willing to publicly distribute. Still, Ms. Dent does a very good job of explaining how the explosion from minor meme to major phenomenon was allowed to happen.


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