An examination of the culture behind the MLPFiM fandom

Faust, L. (Producer). (2011). My Little Pony Friendship is Magic [Television series]. Vancouver: Studio B Productions.

 First episode:


A young unicorn, Twilight Sparkle, learns about the magic of friendship through various adventures and hijinks with her friends in Ponyville over one season of twenty-six episodes. Her friends—including Applejack, a farmer; Rainbow Dash, an athlete; Rarity, a fashion designer; Pinkie Pie, a pastry chef and thrower of parties; and Fluttershy, the overly-shy local version of a veterinarian, help to bring Twilight out of her intellectual shell. The lessons she learns are generally presented as letters to her mentor, Princess Celestia, at the end of each episode.


As virtually every other work presented here suggests, MLPFiM is a bright, colorful show, aimed at girls around the six- to eight-year old range. However, for all the reasons presented elsewhere in this blog, it’s eminently watchable by those of all ages and genders. It is certainly not the deepest, most intellectual show out there, but I’m pretty sure it’s one of the most fun.


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  1. […] it’s apparent that she is hugely afraid of failure: episode 16, “Sonic Rainboom” (Faust, 2011) does the most blatant job of showing Rainbow’s descent into neurosis when confronted with […]

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