An examination of the culture behind the MLPFiM fandom

Moongazer, Q. (2011, June 27). Unicorn ethics: A fragment on My Little Pony [Web log message]. Retrieved from


Moongazer speaks to the three reasons she finds MLPFiM to be a positive influence on society: the show’s hero is an intellectual, the main characters represent a range of archetypes without being subordinate, and there is a positive sense of community and diversity.


Moongazer’s views are heavily colored by feminism—but considering the show’s true target audience and Faust’s (2010) own intended messages, this is not just fine but excellent. While her appreciation of an intellectual hero is based in part on seeing herself in that character, the other points she brings up are exactly what make the show enjoyable by all ages: there’s depth everywhere. Even though it’s a children’s show, the main cast all have their own jobs, goals, and motivations, and this allows for real conflict.


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