An examination of the culture behind the MLPFiM fandom

Tekaramity (Interviewer) & Ingram, D. (Interviewee). (2011, March 23). Daniel Ingram interview has arrived! [Interview transcript]. Retrieved from Equestria Daily web site:


Ingram, the foreground music composer for MLPFiM, discusses his history and process for composing songs for various animated shows. He covers both what happens in general from the start with a script containing the initial lyrics to finish and the song being sent off to the production company, and what has happened in specific instances, such as having to go back and re-record “Winter Wrap Up” after animation began. He also talks about the fanbase and fanworks.


Ingram takes his work seriously, and has the resources to do amazing things. Consider this: “My favorite song for Season 1 hasn’t aired yet, but you’ll know it when you hear it because it’s pretty epic. I recorded a 20-person choir in Bryan Adam’s studio for this particular number, and every lead pony gets a solo.” (This song turned out to be “At the Gala”, from episode 26, “Best Night Ever”.) This is a song for a half-hour children’s cartoon. Having so many performers—both the vocalists mentioned and the variety of instruments used behind them—should be complete overkill, yet, somehow, it works.

In addition, Ingram’s opinion of fanworks greatly encouraged these creators and remixers. This has provided two boosts for the community: the fan creators produce even more, and the other fans become more likely to hear about these fanworks.


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