An examination of the culture behind the MLPFiM fandom

Torres, D. (2011, June 29). Brushable Celestia – Tutorial [Photographs with captions]. Retrieved from


Torres details the process involved in converting the Hasbro-produced Princess Celestia toy into one that matches the show’s portrayal of the princess. This is a reasonably complicated process, involving removing the old, plastic-molded hair and supports, sculpting new accessories, completely repainting the figure, and replacing the hair.


This article demonstrates three things about the fanbase. First, it demonstrates the lengths to which some fans are willing to go to get the toys they want. Second, it does a fair job of showing why the fanbase is dissatisfied with some of the toys: Celestia is the extreme example, to be sure, but the toys in general have little to do with the show besides names and general appearance. Third, it shows one reason Hasbro may not choose to cater to these fans: despite being linked to by a major fansite, the top image from this artist on this subject has fewer than 6,000 hits as of this writing. The numbers simply don’t appear to be there for Hasbro to justify the expense of producing specifically for these fans.


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