An examination of the culture behind the MLPFiM fandom

VanDerWerff, T. (2011, April 29). My Little Pony Friendship is Magic [Review of the television series My Little Pony Friendship is Magic]. Retrieved from,55168/


This review of MLPFiM covers the appearance of the show from Faust’s original intention: a show for kids, but a show the parents won’t mind watching either. VanDerWerff covers two major reasons for this working: the show is “relentlessly cute, relentlessly happy, and relentlessly entertaining”, and the characters are well-defined.


This is, frankly, the review I show people whom I’m trying to convince to watch MLPFiM; VanDerWerff does a very good job of describing the experience of watching the show without involving the fanbase at all. I’m not certain whether he’s attempting to target parents or non-parents with this review—he focuses more on the “this is awesome!” aspect than the “this is good for your children” aspect—but I believe that identifying the show as actually having depth while still being bright and colorful is useful for both groups.


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  1. […] young girls, it’s gained popularity as a show that their parents can also stand to watch (VanDerWerff, 2011) as well as, more confusingly, adult males without children. This fanbase of “bronies” have […]

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