An examination of the culture behind the MLPFiM fandom

Watercutter, A. (2011, June 9). My Little Pony corrals unlikely fanboys known as ‘bronies’ [Web log message]. Retrieved from


Wattercutter summarizes the various forms the fanbase of MLPFiM has taken, including its origin at 4chan, the various video mash-ups fans have created, and the creative communities that have formed (centering somewhat around the fan blog Equestria Daily). She then goes on to attempt to explain how Faust’s influence helped attract these older fans.


This is the seminal work describing the fanbase itself: every article published after this one by various media attempting to understand ‘bronies’ cites this article, and for good reason. Watercutter did her research, and links to a wide variety of resources and fanworks. While obviously I feel there’s a great deal more that could be written on any individual aspect of the topic, she has done a perfect job in creating an overview of the fanbase for non-fans to understand.


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  1. […] children. This fanbase of “bronies” have seemingly spread to every corner of the internet (Watercutter, 2011). However, while the history of the fanbase is well-documented by Watercutter, Dent (2011), and […]

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