An examination of the culture behind the MLPFiM fandom

Another aspect of the show that brings fans in is its music. Daniel Ingram puts a great deal of effort into the songs, including a 20-person choir for a song in the season finale (Tekaramity & Ingram, 2011), while Will Anderson creates wonderful atmosphere with an orchestral-style score with some more modern instruments (Tekaramity & Anderson, 2011). These combine and pair with the animation to vary the mood from an elegant ballet to the screaming and hollering of a sports competition. This approach to the show as art makes it a lot easier both to sit back and enjoy the show and also to drag new fans in: the creators are clearly treating it as serious business rather than just a vehicle for producing money.

“At the Gala”, the above-mentioned song from the season finale:

The episode “Dragonshy” present with the background music only:


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